APS Solar

Invest In Your Future

  • No Money Down

    Take advantage of interest-free deferred payments. Pay nothing for 12 months* or get up to $1500 cash back!

  • Low-Interest Financing

    We offer financing options as low as 1.99%*—what will you do with your energy savings?

  • Tax Incentives

    Incredible federal and local tax incentives make solar more affordable than ever.

  • Innovative Technology

    We have partnered with the best names in solar to bring you reliable and efficient technology from industry-leaders REC, Enphase, and Tesla.

  • Worry-Free Warranty

    We offer a 25-year warranty* on products, installation and production giving you peace of mind and energy independence for years to come.

We put solar within reach by offering rebate options that make sense for you. Whatever your budget and energy needs, we work with you to find the perfect fit. Our expert team will configure your system for optimum performance and efficiency. You will see immediate savings that grow larger with time, and add value to your home.

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Choose The Offer That Makes Sense For You

Start Up

Solar is accessible to everyone when you can get started as low as $69/mo. Clean, intelligent power is within reach!

Cash Out

Enjoy $1500 cash back on installed systems. Receive a check after installation, once your job is paid in full.

Pay Later

No interest or payments for 2 years – with no money down, there is no need to wait to make your energy goals a reality.

Gain Energy Independence & Reliability

Solar puts the power in your hands. Opt-out of never ending rate hikes and lock in fixed low rates that put money back in your pocket. Add a state of the art battery to maximize savings and beat the utility’s Time of Use charges. Peace of mind is yours with a trusted and secure power supply that keeps your lights on and your home safe during a grid outage or natural disaster.

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Intelligent Technology to Power Your World

APS Solar is a Certified Pro-Trust installer of top-notch solar equipment by REC, Enphase, and Tesla. Our manufacturing partners rely on innovative technology and intelligent design to deliver solar arrays that maximize production, environmental impact, and cost savings. You can rest assured knowing that your system will stand the test of time.


Put the power back in your hands with REC solar panels. REC’s innovative design delivers peak efficiency, power output and reliability, giving you the optimal power for your space.


Power-converting technology that makes solar systems amazingly efficient. Enphase micro-inverters allow each panel to perform independently, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence.


Reliability, consistency, and independence. The Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery gives you the freedom of continuous power during an outage, while solar energy continues to power your home and charge your Powerwall.


The Enphase monitoring app lets you track your overall energy and per panel energy production data, monitor your system’s health, and share data with family and friends, all from a simple, easy-to-use interface.

A Warranty that Goes the Distance

Our 25-year warranty* covers both products and installation, so you can trust your solar array to provide reliable, hassle-free output for years to come. You will have peace of mind knowing your investment is sound and will continue to pay dividends long into the future.

Complete knowledge of the product. What I liked most was that the team was not pushy and answered my questions in detail. Even the installation team impressed me with their professionalism. They kept me well informed throughout the project. Great job!
-Bette, Arizona
I had a great experience with APS Solar. They keep me informed with text and email messages every step of the way. The installers were very nice, and clean! I would highly recommend APS Solar to anyone.
-Surprise, Arizona
Installing solar was the best investment I could have ever made, and I am very grateful for APS Solar and their services. They are pleasant to work with and clear cut about pricing and setting up the process. Quite flexible on service and an amazing staff.
-Nichol, Nevada